Blue Island Review 2011

BLUE ISLAND REVIEW 2011 is now available for purchase! Thank you so much to our fabulous contributors. Our release party will be held January 21 at the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, KS at 7pm. Everyone is invited to join in the celebration!

About marystonepoet

I am a writer, editor, teacher, student. Currently in the MFA program at the University of Kansas - I will graduate Spring 2012. My first poetry collection will be out in March 2012. I am mainly a poet but have published in fiction and nonfiction and I love writing work that blends or blurs genres and forms. I'm really interested in the body and writing about loss, in addition to writing about the fluidity of sexuality. Motherhood and it's complications is also a subject matter I try to tackle a lot as well. In addition to writing, I edit Stone Highway Review, a journal for poetry and very short prose. I read for a number of journals, including Gemini Magazine, A Capella Zoo, Echo Ink Review. I am also a co-editor of Blue Island Review. It's important to me to be as involved in the literary journal scene as possible. I have a husband named Dustin who is very supportive and a very cute dog named Rufio. He is a toy poodle and the only thing that keeps me sane. I love to drink good beer, but am currently on a diet that doesn't really allow a lot of beer, sadly. If you read a lot of my work, you will see a major presence of alcohol... there are a lot of complicated reasons for that.

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